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The Role of Human Resources Essay Example for Free

The Role of Human Resources Essay Describe the unique challenges of managing the human resources function for your specific organization As a new Senior Vice-President of Human Resources for Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) Inc are presented many challenge because the size of healthcare organization. HCA owns and operates one hundred and sixty nine hospitals, and one hundred and five surgery centers within twenty-five states, including London England furthermore, the organization and its affiliate employee approximately one hundred and ninety thousand people. Therefore, there is a need for a large qualified staff of human-resource individuals. As the Senior Vice-President of Human Resources, one would report to the CEO of the company as well as have a staff of several vice presidents who would handle all the relevant regions and facilities. The human resources department is broken down into sections and there are vice presidents over each of these respective sections that would report to a senior vice-president of HR groups. This includes, * Division offices that oversee the hospitals and surgery centers. * Operations and recruitment. * Employee relations. * Benefits and compensation. * Information system and executive workforce development. * Human resources ITS. * Community relations and foundations. * Organizational leadership and development. Each one of these groups covers all the various human resources functions within the organization. According to Flynn, Mathis and Jackson (2011), â€Å"HR professionals in all segments of the industry will be faced with the challenge of recruiting and retaining the right number of competent employees for their organizations† (p. 11) The organization like many others has the challenge of recruiting and retaining mostly registered nurses, but HCA cannot forget about retaining the employees which a company presently has. There are human-resource departments at each of these hospitals that handle the hospitals and affiliated surgery centers. These HR directors at the hospitals report to the division offices who then report to the respective corporate human resources vice president. Furthermore, the issue of managing changes, such as costs, governmental compliance, diversity, technology and the quality of work life falls under one of the responsibilities of the vice presidents. All of these items must be handled efficiently and effectively at the same time ensuring that company has happy employees. A person also has to ensure that there is a diverse group of employees within the organization, as well as give employees options so that they will have a good balance between work and family. The company had a very different group of employees, and continues to educate their employees through the Cultural Inclusion series that business offer monthly along with a separate group that manages all of employer accreditations and governmental compliance issues that do not fall within the jurisdiction of human resources. Analyze the competencies required for your specific position and determine in which areas you need to develop. Provide specific examples to support your rationale. According to Flynn, Mathis and Jackson, â€Å"the five core competencies that are critical in a high-performing HR leader are strategic contribution, personal credibility, HR delivery, busi ness knowledge and HR technology (Flynn, Mathis, Jackson, 2011) p. 22. Together with these competencies company a human resources must be emotionally, intelligent, connect to proper procedures and behaviors in their jobs, due to the structure and how businesses are set up. People will feel confident that all of these areas are covered and support the organization successfully. The areas that one needs to develop and have a better understanding are the business knowledge aspect also the technology aspect. Since this Corporation is large and has many different departments, it would be beneficial for leader to have a general and basic understanding of how each department works and interacts between one another and know who reports to whom to give a person a well-rounded picture of each group. The technology is changing so much that it would be advantageous to have a good understanding of how new technology can assist in hiring, training and promoting employees within the organization. In the past the company has tended to hire outside of the organization before promoting within however, it is in the process of changing that with the modern system that allows employees to update their education and skills for the human resources group to review. It is also important in a HR position to be able to communicate effectively with all employees from the top to the bottom and to be approachable and make employees feel comfortable coming to talk with others within our department. Finally, mutual respect is a necessity and a requirement to make everything run smoothly. Determine the role you think the company could play in developing you for the opportunity. What would you need the company to do? How does it benefit the company? In preparing some for this position, the company plays a vital role. One way to prepare for this position would be to have a person work his way through the various HR positions. The training would first start with a corporate overview and the functions HR department. Training at the division level would be the next step, how they handle the HR departments of the hospitals, and finally training at the hospital level itself so that staff could understand their positions and what they deal with daily. In this training, one would get a fundamental understanding of what everyone does from the clerks to the directors. As a present manager, it is very important for management to have a grasp on everything that happens under their leadership. Person should have a basic understanding on how to do every aspect of the job, employees have more respect for a leader when they are not afraid to get in the trenches and help out including understanding what they deal with in their respective jobs. For example, the staff wants the manager to appreciate their job and give them reward for their performance. A Human Resources manager would, need to have a bachelor’s degre e, preferably in human resources along with some work experience for this position. Furthermore, for this position, a graduate degree is preferred; one should enroll in the executive development program and have a mentor. If the company does not have a mentoring program, could check with the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration. â€Å"The ASHHRA Mentoring Program is designed to create a mentorship community for health care HR professionals to enhance and grown knowledge, skills and abilities to excel in their careers† (ASHHRA Mentoring Program). Moving into this position would involve a series of cross training to prepare for this position within the organization. The company would need to outline a training program that would be approximately two years, and within that time frame, all the various human-resource jobs and managerial duties should be reviewed. One would need to ensure that a person had the knowledge, skills and abilities to do the job. Coming from a legal background, training for the labor and employment law section would also be beneficial so that company would have a general knowledge on how employment matters affect the organization when they reach a litigation level. In adequately preparing a self for the role, it would be advantageous to the organization because one would be a well-qualified employee who has understanding of all the areas that fall within arena. Develop a strategic view of human resources that supports your institution’s organizational strategy The strategic plan for the human resources department would incorporate company missions into the organizational mission statement and goals: â€Å"Our organization (HCA) is committed to the care and improvement of human life and strives to deliver high-quality, cost effective healthcare in the communities we serve. With patient first mentality and then the community, the human resources department has to ensure that it recruits competent individuals from hospital employees to the corporate level. The vice presidents who fall under one position would cover the organizational objectives and strategies ensuring that their goals line up and compliment the overall goals. Right now, there is increased focus on recruiting in the registered nurse field due to the shortage of licensed nurses in healthcare. The vice president and group of operations and recruitment deal with the nursing shortage and ensure that business is doing everything possible to get these vacant positions filled so that the patients and communities will not suffer. The organization will pay for any of employees to get their nursing degree along with scholarships for employee children who wish to go into the nursing profession. The vice president of community relations and foundations would ensure that people have a positive presenc e in the communities. Manager oversees projects such as our community day whenever individual work with United Way to serve the community. The company will be sponsoring various events, including performing arts, museums, and school partnerships. Employees will be volunteering in different non-profit agencies. Internal and external assessments and forecasts would be done by the vice president of the human resources information system on both the corporate level and the hospital levels. The development of a Talent Management program helps to guarantee that employer, has the right people in the appropriate jobs. If an employee is not matched up correctly, then that group works on matching them so that they can be relocated to other areas of the company where they will be more beneficial. The vice president of HRIS and his group would be the ones handling these internal and external assessments. A couple of years ago, there were layoffs at the organization in the job, but they were at the corporate level not the hospitals. Some individuals were relocated to other positions due to the Talent Management system, and other people were offered early retirement and others severance packages. The vice presidents of employee relations and the vice president of benefits and compliance would also be involved in the area. They not only want to look within the communities in which company served for employees, but also wants to ensure that person look within the organization to fill positions. These vice presidents would work together to see that the entire employee package is complete and that the employee has everything covered from hours to insurance and stock options. These vice presidents and their groups cover all of employee’s organizations, so they not only have to be concerned with hospital employees. In addition, they have to be concerned with all of our employees, including executive management. According to the American College of Healthcare Executives, â€Å"out of 300 hospitals surveyed, the overall turnover rate for 2010 was 16 percent nationwide† (Modern Healthcare, June 20, 2011, p. 33) Often a company thinks of the employees at the hospitals such as nurses, clinicians, technicians, etc. but doesnt think about the executives that are at the hospital. The company must ensure that they are satisfied employees as well. All the groups of the human resources department work together for the benefit of all employees. There are many things that come into play, such as ensuring a person has competent HR employees who can assist others within the organization. HR wants to recruit the best people it can and to have a diverse workforce within the organization. Once they are recruited, HR wanted them to remain happy and realize that they can have a career and not just a job. Management wants employees to realize that this is an organization where they can grow with the company and that their HR department is pleased to help them do so. Health care HR departments realize the value of healthy employees, and some organizations have even started programs for the employee’s family. â€Å"While most big companies already have employee wellness programs, the newest trend is expanding those efforts to include dependents† (Bloomberg Business Week, January, 21, 2010) If company employees are happy, healthy and their families are the same, business will have a satisfactory employee who will display those duplicate qualities as an employee daily. REFERENCES American College of Healthcare Executives, (2011, February 11) American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration – Mentoring Program. Retrieved from Flynn, W., Mathis, R., Jackson, J. (2011). Healthcare human resource management. Mason: Cengage Learning Flynn, W., Mathis, R., Jackson, J. (2011). Healthcare human resource management. (2nd ed). Mason,OH: Thomson South-Western/Cengage. HCA – Hospital Corporation of America: About our Company. Retrieved from Health Care: Human Resources Targets Your Family. Bloomberg BusinessWeek (2010, January 21). Retrieved from Hospital CEO turnover by state. (2011, June 20). Modern Healthcare p. 33

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