Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Take Home Final Exam Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Take Home Final Exam - Case Study Example Conversely, â€Å"Public Law 94-192† mandated providing opportunities to the students having disabilities in participating in varied programs of school athletic. Finally, â€Å"Amateur Sports Act of 1978† emphasized introducing facilities along with programs for meeting the needs of the athletes having disabilities. In relation to the above context, while renovating a facility such as Morey Courts, certain specific concerned areas need to be considered by a planning committee. One of such areas would be creating a barrier less place. This will support in making better movement of the people within the area in a safer manner and also prevent from chances of falls as well as physical injuries. The other concerned area will be constructing toilets as well as other amenities in adherence with the respective special needs of the individuals who would visit the facility after being renovated. Apart from these, a planning committee should also consider introducing quality programs as well as facilities that would meet the needs of the disabled athletes and support them with addressing their practicing needs. Moreover, using flanks along with other facilities so that the movements within the facility centre do not get restricted will be the other specific concerned area for a planning committee to cons ider for renovation of a facility. Finally, a planning committee may prepare certain priority lists that would help in renovating the facility as per the desired standards, resulting into attracting the individuals to visit the facility periodically. Soft costs in the context of planning a new facility refer to such costs that are not directly engaged with the same. These generally involve the expenses that are incurred with the payments made in terms of fees and financing other needs. On a further note, soft costs comprise a huge portion of construction costs that are traditionally regarded as non-seen items. Moreover, these sports of costs are duly considered as the initial

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