Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Mobile Operating System Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The Mobile Operating System - Dissertation Example Mobile phones today are used for personal and professional purposes. Preferred services apart from basic voice operations include massive data elements like messages (Short Message Service and Multimedia Messaging Service being the primary of them), live content (real-time content like sports updates, stock prices etc. Other applications include streaming media content, including audio, video, and media feeds. All these are resource intensive and successful operation, to the satisfaction of the user and optimal use of the mobile networks depends largely on the protocols controlling data management and negotiation with the network, that is an integral part of the mobile’s operating system. Â  A mobile phone’s operating system controls the data flow in and out of it. Features like Call Hold, On-Call functions and elements like the speed of access to phone book and records and messages and all other features that involve selection of signals and/ or their records, received or sent is controlled by the operating system. The ultimate outcomes of features like predictive or intelligent text for test and multimedia messaging depend on effective resource management of the mobile’s operating system. The variety of features is, in fact, dependent on the operating system running the phone. The operating system also decided the protocols the phone runs on, including the band(s) it operates on and supports for 2.5G or 3G technologies. Â  I would take up the latest versions of the preferred operating systems on today’s mobile phones. Other operating systems that may be available including phones that use a lower version of the upgraded ones as on date and less used operating systems have not been included as either they have already been improved upon or their use will be phased out, thus rendering their analysis insignificant in the quest for a better operating system. Â  

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