Friday, September 27, 2019

Neo-Liberalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Neo-Liberalism - Essay Example use, with private businesses, wealth trickles downwards from the rich capital owners to the middle class and low income earners, since businesses and industries create jobs. These jobs, together with the revenue they churn, help pump money into the economy, and thereby leading to more jobs. Because of the above standpoints, the government should let markets be controlled by market forces, so that there is free international trade (Philoguy, 1). Opponents of neo-liberalism criticize it for its unregulated free markets as is promoted by neoliberals by arguing that free markets deny governments of sources of revenue, since governments are not supposed to exact tariffs on goods and services that are being traded. Again, the same argue that leaving markets and industries in the hands of market forces automatically means, making a dereliction on price controls and consumer protection. This therefore paves way for exploitation of the masses by entrepreneurs and rich capital owners. There are others who see unregulated free markets as unfeasible because it is based on assumptions that markets are equal yet they are not (Luxton and Braedley,

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