Monday, September 9, 2019

France and Russia Semi-Presidential Systems Analysis Essay

France and Russia Semi-Presidential Systems Analysis - Essay Example Democracy is simply understood as highly associated with freedom. On the contrary, it would be a bit harder to define authoritarianism due to the fact that it is quite supple and diverse in its form. In other words, it is very interesting to find out why some countries ended up themselves in authoritarian regime knowing the fact that there is no individual freedom associated with it. In addition, it is very complex and not everyone could substantially express their freedom. At some point, there must suppression of individual rights involved. After all, authoritarianism requires absolute obedience to authority. This is the basic requirement in authoritarian regime contrary to emancipation of individual freedom in democratic regime. In democratic regime, it is the people who have the higher authority to select among themselves somebody to be seated in the higher rank, to represent their voices. Submission therefore to this instituted authority would mean complete obedience and respect of the voice of the majority. In this case, it is always the majority wins and has ultimate right over the minority. This only means that for as long as there are minority groups, democratic regime should always subject itself to varying amendments in many aspects in governance. For instance, the emancipation of law should at some point be allowed to undergo process of voting prior to its implementation. In the legalization of abortion, democratic regime always has the chance for ratification by the majority. Substantial debates are necessary just to make sure that everybody’s possible voices on the said issue are heard. On the contrary, one could always associate authoritarianism with dictatorship, monarchy, one-man rule, autocracy and even police state. This what it means about authoritarianism being diverse. In democracy, the rulers are restricted by a constitution, law and even oppositions such as the minority group and even some insurgents. However, this is not the case in the issue of authoritarian regime. There is a repressive control of the people in authoritarianism. Seeing these definitions and illustrations of authoritarianism and democracy would somehow suggest that it would be impossible why countries remarkably engaged themselves with authoritarian regime. It is important to look at this issue in detail most especially in the case of Russia. In this paper, the proponent tries to elaborate some factors that could probably explain why Russia has slid into competitive authoritarianism. Based on history, Russia like France has semi-presidential systems. However, France chose to remain democratic but Russia decided to slide into competitive authoritarianism. There are many probable factors that one could elaborate for the reason of acquiring substantial explanation. However, in this paper, the proponent chose to discuss one of the most important factors considered to be elemental for the institution of authoritarian regime in Russia. This is th e issue concerning democratic value. Democratic value People lack democratic values. Perhaps, this is a good point to start with. In Russia, history could tell that in its archaic society, the leaders always decide for the people. People were never thought to decide among themselves and thus lacking responsibility and freedom to think of different things for the good of the country. This is a remarkable impact and

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