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Health issues and reforms Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Health issues and reforms - Assignment Example Additionally, the paper outlines other crucial aspects of health economics not discussed in the videos and other appropriate objective functions. Discussion 1. The three videos discussed the cost effectiveness and recommendations for modern health care. The videos are relevant because they dealt with modern issues of economics and how they can be improved. The narrators talked about where the government might start to improve the system’s efficiency. It is believed that systems of health care lack equity and are costly. Every person is responsible in the structure of the health care system today1. In the present world, doctors cannot understand everything. It is believed that the most expensive treatments are the best, which is not true. With the help of doctors, everyone should involve in shaping up the health care system. Better health care control should have the following elements: ability to flag out failures and success of current techniques, ability to develop solutions for health care problems, and ability to employ solutions worldwide. Health care groups must embrace teamwork, and use checklists to ensure every patient follows protocol. The three videos also differed in certain aspects. Ms. Rebecca Onie discussed the relationship between difficulties in socio-economic and the kind of risky prone people. She emphasizes on incompetency among nurses and doctors whom the society trust. Administrative specialists and social workers have been sidelined yet they possess expertise and knowledge in getting things done. However, Eric Dishman, talks about his personal experience to illustrate the point of reinventing the health care system around the world. Compared to other videos, he used his personal experience to pass issues in health economics2. Atul Gwande emphasized on the effectiveness of cost in health care. 2. Other health issues not addressed in the three videos include: availability of care which accounts for 11 percent in the world. Another is sue is corporate bureaucracy which accounts 11 percent. Also, errors in medicine have not been addressed. Medical errors accounts for 11% of health economic issues. Consequently, prescription to drug cost forms a major health concern in the world. 3. Allocating resources optimally depends on what the consumer needs to achieve. All models of health economics must have objective functions, even when states implicitly. The objective functions must specify resources distribution at hand. For instance, in maximizing health, health care is differently allocated from the normal if the objective were to satisfy those that are severely. Models of health economics make assumptions on the relationship between outputs and inputs. The objective that needs to be achieved is the maximization of health care3. The key input factors are medicinal drugs(X) and human capital (Y). The constraints accompanying these objectives are the cost of health and technology. Max U=f (x2y) s.t x2 + y2 =24 Constrain t 1: x, y ? 24 Constraint 2: x, y ? 0 U= x2y-?(x2 + y2 -24) F.O.C for x 2xy-2 ? x=0---1 F.O.C for y x2-2 ?y=0----2 F.O.C for ? x2 + y2 -24=0----3 Solving the equation. 2xy-2 ? x=0-----4 2xy/2x=? ?=y x2-2 ?y=0--------5 x2=2 ?y ?= x2/2y y= x2/2y 2 y2= x2 Substituting in 3 2 y2+y2=24 y2=8 x2=16 x=4 y=8^ (1/2) 4. Some of the crucial constraints facing the health system include: severe deficiency in trained health employees. This undermined the effort to provide better health care. Lack of financial support to set up isolation facilities and drug purchase is

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