Friday, September 13, 2019

PHIL Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

PHIL - Essay Example The contentious documentary entitled â€Å"The Bridge† featured the well-known Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. According to The Bridge, â€Å"the mythic beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge, the most popular suicide destination in the world, and the unfortunate souls drawn by its siren call† (Morrow, 2006). This controversial documentary documented how 24 people in year 2004 chose to commit suicide and die at the Golden Gate Bridge (Morrow, 2006). According to Fimrite (1998), a staff writer of the Chronicle, the Golden Bridge is the â€Å"No. 1 suicide landmark in the world.† Another famous bridge is the Coronado Bridge in San Diego, considered to be a suicide magnet too (Dotinga, 2009). Dotinga (2009) stated that Coronado Bridge is â€Å"one of the highest suicide tolls of any bridge in North America, almost certainly placing it in the top five.† Sunshine Skyway of St. Petersburg was also identified as the â€Å"nations fourth-most-frequent suicide brid ge† (Morales, 2011). Bridges are therefore considered to be sure, swift, clean and accessible method of committing suicide. The alarming cases of suicides committed in Golden Gate Bridge, Sunshine Skyway and Coronado Bridge are the proofs that commission of suicide in bridges is already common especially among the youth. In order for this situation and fact to be addressed, the engineers who build and design bridges should therefore take good consideration of the fact sheet of the country. Before they design and build bridges they should know the possible effects of their decisions. In cases like the Golden Gate Bridge, Coronado and Sunshine Skyway, what engineers could possibly do is to put barriers and or any devices that would surely prevent people commit suicide. It can be said that suicide is way out of the hands of the designers or engineers who build the bridges, but in the end, they can be considered partly responsible of the effects of the bridges they built. If the

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