Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Dangers of Facebook

They demonstrate that 65% of Facebook users accessed their account daily, usually checking it several durations to see if they had received new messages. The amount of time spent on Facebook at each log-in varied from just a few minutes to more than an hour. The Ohio report shows that students who used Facebook had a significantly lower grade point average the sucker system used in US universities than those who did not use the site. It is the equivalent of the difference between get an A and a B, said Karpinski, who will present her findings this week to the annual meeting of the American educational Research Association.She has not yet analysed whether a students grades continue to deteriorate the longer he or she spends on Facebook. Some UK students have already spotted the potential danger. Daisy Jones, 21, an undergraduate in her last year at Loughborough University, realised the time she was spending on Facebook was threatening her grades prompting her to deactivate he r account. I was in the library trying to write a 2,000-word essay when I realised my Facebook habit had got step up of hand, she said. I couldnt resist going online.You do that, then someones photo catches your eye. forward you know it, a couple of minutes has turned into a couple of hours and you havent pen a thing. Jones is among the few to have recognised the risks. According to Karpinskis research, 79% of Facebook-using students believed the time they spent on the site had no impact on their work. Facebook said There is also academic research that shows the benefits of service like Facebook. Its in the hands of students, in consultation with their parents, to decide how to spend their time.

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