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Nazi Olympics Essay -- essays research papers fc

The national socialist OlympicsThe 1936 Olympics in Berlin, also known as the Nazi Olympics, was a milestone in the history of the world. All of the attention of the Olympics that year was focused on Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. In 1933, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler became leader of Germany and quickly turned the nations democracy into a one-party dictatorship. He took thousands of political opponents, holding them without trial in concentration camps. The Nazis also set up a program to strengthen the Germanic Indo-Aryan population. They began to exclude all one-half million Jews from the population, and German life. As part of the drive to "purify" and strengthen the German population, a 1933 law permitted physicians to perform obligate sterilizations of psychiatric patients and congenitally handicapped persons, Gypsies, and Blacks (Encarta Encyclopedia 1996 CD-ROM). The 1936 Olympics in Berlin caused many worries, problems, and questions for America and other countries thro ughout the world.     On 13 May 1931, the International Olympic Committee awarded the 1936 pass Olympics to Berlin. The choice seemed to signal Germanys return to the world community after defeat in World War I. Berlin had forty-three votes, and Barcelona, Spain, the other option, had sixteen. The choice showed that Germany was being include once more in the world community. It also showed the International Olympic committees respect for Dr. Theodor Lewald, and Carl Diem, German sports leaders. Both men had been the planners for the 1916 Olympics that was scheduled, but was cancelled. Since then, they generate been urging the Olympics to attempt to go back to Germany. Both Lewald and Diem were rattling pleased with the results (Mandell The Nazi Olympics 39).     On 30 January 1933, the German president, Paul von Hindenburg, selected Adolf Hitler to be the head of the government. This was very unexpected. Hitler was the leader of an extreme right-wing political party, the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) Party. Hitler sought to expand Germany with new territories and boundaries. Hitler also focused on rebuilding Germanys military strength. In many speeches Hitler made, he spoke often about the value of racial purity and the dominance of the Aryan master race. The Nazis spread their racist beliefs in schools through textbooks, radios, new... ...oft Encarta The 1936 Olympics CD-ROM Microsoft, 1996Sirracose, Constantine. History of the Olympic Games Seaburn Books, 15 March 2000Swaddling, Judith. The Ancient Olympic Games HRH The Princess Royal, January 2000BibliographyBachrach, Susan D. The Nazi Olympics Berlin 1936 Boston, MA Little, Brown and Company, 2000Green, Robert. Berlin Olympics exhibition opens in Washington Dateline WASHINGTON 19 July 1996 Hoadley, Johanna. 36 Olympic Hopefuls Remember Nazi Past Scripps Howard News Service,as provided by SCRIPPS HOWARD NEWS SERVICE 19 July 1996Kastor, Elisabeth. Olymp ic History The Washington Post 19 September 2000 C15Kindersly, Dorling. The Olympic Games Athens 1896-Sydney 2000 Chronicle of the Games, 1 July 2000Mandell, Richard. The Nazi Olympics Illinois Sports and Society, 1987Martin, David. The Olympic Marathon Human Kinetics, May 2000Microsoft Encarta 1996 The 1936 Olympics CD-ROM Microsoft, 1996Microsoft Encarta 2001 The 1936 Olympics (The Nazi Olympics) CD-ROM Microsoft, 2001Sirracose, Constantine. History of the Olympic Games Seaburn Books, 15 March 2000Swaddling, Judith. The Ancient Olympic Games HRH The Princess Royal, January 2000

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