Monday, May 6, 2019

Stragetic Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Stragetic stick out - Essay ExampleThe chief(prenominal) services offered by the organization ar the out-migration services, leadership facts of life programs, and health style training. The main strength of the organization is government exemptions of taxes and attracting accompaniment. The weaknesses include high operational address and financial crisis facing the world today. The external environment willing also affect the organization because of the heathenish diversity of clients. The best strategy for The Divine Life Ventures is to centralise on clients because this will attract more(prenominal) clients and funding from all social circles of the society. The main objective of the company is to emancipate people who ar screen door or of low vision from the dependence on the society. The functional tactics of the company will touch renting the building where operations of the company will be carried out and buying buses on installments for the shipping services. .. . The major risk to the organization is the bank debt and the competition it can face from similar firms. Introduction The pee of my organization is The Divine Life Ventures. This is a nonprofit organization that provides services for physically disabled people. The focus of The Divine Life Ventures is on people who are blind or have impaired vision. The main focus of the organization is to make the disable people strong enough so that they can harp independently. The Divine Life Ventures will be a place where minds will be emancipated and clients will feel a sense of independence. The Divine Life Ventures will provide initially a transportation service, leadership training and development program, and healthy living training. All these services will help them get through success in their lives. In this report a comprehensive environmental scan will be presented with regards to The Divine Life Ventures. The mission of the organization and its background will be discussed. A detai led effectuation plan and a risk management plan will also be given. Company undercoat The Divine Life Ventures is a nonprofit organization therefore it is vital that management personnel are selected that have an experience in this industry. It is also important to choose people who can attract funding from the well to do factions of the society. People will only give their money for a service if they hold that money will be used for a good cause and if they trust the people they are giving money. Therefore board of governors of the organization will include many prominent names same Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and movie stars. These people alongside with charity workers will be included in the board of governors. This board will elect a chief

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