Saturday, May 11, 2019

Developing Hospitality properties Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

underdeveloped Hospitality properties - Essay ExampleSo, the advertising go out consist of direct mail, banner ads, and inserts. Also, peculiar(a) efforts willinging be taken to ensure the appearance of special articles about the restaurant in newspapers and other wellness magazines. This is so because it has been set up that such articles have the potential to attract people easily and convince them. It has been found that restaurants and other businesses which manage to have articles published in newspapers and magazines experience dramatic growth in business. So, own(prenominal) relationships will be utilised to achieve this aim.Allen Pasta Restaurant aims to offer its customers the surpass and most pleasant-tasting pasta meal in the city. Also, this will be offered in the best and most pleasing ambience. Furthermore, special attention will be taken to ensure that the customers are given a better dish than they anticipated (Marketing strategy, 2000).Thus, it becomes evid ent that Allens customers are aged from 25-55, who are responsible for 62% of the total ingestion in the city of -------. Though age is not a matter of important concern, Allens customers will be young working people and families with an income above $ 40,000. Another point is the increasing health-consciousness in the city. So, a considerable proportion of the customers will be the health-conscious eaters of the city who are willing to spend money for honorable eating options.Allen Pasta Restaurant wants to position itself as an average-priced, upscale, pasta restaurant. The customers will be the ones who love fictitious character and tasty pastas, health-conscious, educated individuals, groups, and families, usually within the age of 25-50.Service- In order to ensure that the customers are offered the best service experience in the city, the employees will be given special training. Only quality employees will be deployed. It is calculated that better product along with better service will help the alliance beat its rivals.The most important

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