Thursday, May 2, 2019

Critical analyzing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Critical analyzing - Essay ExampleThe main reasons ar convenience for students, lower costs, and time saving. According to statistics maintained by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), during the schoolman year 2006-07, nearly 4,200 U.S. institutions approximately 66% of degree-granting postsecondary institutions offered distance education courses involving over 12 million students. Of these, 77% were enrolled in online courses, 12% in hybrid courses, and 10% in other types of courses (ibid).In a guinea pig of 3 years, the Nanyang Technological University (based in Singapore) has experienced remarkable growth in the last 3 years. They get hold of introduced a myriad of applications. These include some professors-friendly e- larn applications as well. These applications have helped NTU achieve critical mass buy-in by means of the academic staff when the e-learning take up rate shot up to 85% of the overall vivacious course curriculum at NIT. This is the third run ning year of e-learning at NTU. Measures have been taken by and by a lot of careful consideration to infuse e-learning with interaction and collaborationism. The more interactive this form of learning is the better and that has been the priority for this year. They want to humanize the existing e-learning form completely. They intend to so via active collaboration and student learning involvement. This includes, adding various new features to the current mechanisms and modes of e-learning at NYT. They are the use of video talking head format, live audio-video delivery, and text chat, document annotations of a lecture, presentations and delivery. The paper revolved around the processes that were adopted at NTU in adding the human touch to their routine e-learning projects.In a span of 3 years, almost 90 % courses at NTU have undergone the online learning process. Barriers for the completion of this process were very few. This was because, it was all carefully planned and just thos e technologies which were appropriate were

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