Monday, October 21, 2019

The One Answer You Should Never Give in a Job Interview

The One Answer You Should Never Give in a Job Interview Think of your job interview in the same way you think about your resume and cover letter: every word counts. And there are some words, in particular, which should never be said in a job interview situation. Learn to avoid these words. And if you catch yourself using one, be sure to know exactly what you can do to dial it back. Here are the seven most important words to never say:â€Å"I don’t have any questions right now.†This is just plain absurd. Never walk into an interview setting without at least one thoughtfully prepared question at the ready.Plus, there are a few things a hiring manager might assume from not having questions- most of which, hopefully, you did not intend. They might think you are ill-prepared, which, let’s face it, if you don’t have any questions prepared, is both true and unacceptable; do your research! They might think you’re too cocky. They might think you have a lack of enthusiasm about the job. Or- worse- they might assum e you don’t have sufficient respect for them and the value of their time. All to be avoided, right? Right.Instead, try questions like: â€Å"What does an average day look like for you?† which will give you good insight into company culture, as well as giving your interviewer a chance to talk about herself a bit. Or: â€Å"What would be your definition of success in this role?† which does double duty helping you understand their expectations. Remember- you are also interviewing them.You can also ask the bold: â€Å"Do you have any concerns about hiring me?† which might net very honest answers, so prepare to not be defensive.Remember: this is your one chance to impress. Don’t blow it by being less prepared than you can be.

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