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Comparison of Judaism and Islam Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Comparison of Judaism and Islam - Research Paper Example The more understanding we gain with regards to anything, the more broadmindedness we become by evaluating Judaism and Islam. These systems of beliefs share the same thought of worshipping of a supernatural power or god. From this plain word, an enormous figure of individual interpretations has taken place. Religion has not merely turned out to be an arrangement of belief but a source for individualism, pre-eminence and conflict. All the way through the centuries rules have been performed, terrain taken, formed and then ruined and wars have been struggled in an attempt to protect one’s religion. Several religions have close towards nothing in common whereas others have various similarities. As compared with the three foremost western religions: In â€Å"Universal Peace: To Unite a Universal Brotherhood†, Mohammed Talib wrote that â€Å"Judaism and Islam, there have been indications of communal practice, perception and law† (Talib (2005), p. 71). Judaism appears to be one of the ancient religions recognized by man.   Judaism came to view roughly around 4000 years ago.   Several prominent individuals, as said by Arye Forta in the book â€Å"Judaism†, have been â€Å"Jewish citizens like Jesus, Moses, Einstein, Freud, Marx, even Mahler†. This religion is said to be a monotheistic creed, denoting that Jewish natives pray to solely one god.   There weren’t lots of religions like this since it was launched which made Judaism very exceptional during that time.   Nearly all of the religions during those days were polytheistic, meaning that they prayed towards more than one God (Forta (1995), p. 5). On the other hand the â€Å"word "Islam" indicates "obedience to Allah."† This was written in the book of R. W. Maqsood’s â€Å"Islam†. Anybody who does definitely present themselves towards the desires of Allah as obliged by Islam is labeled as a "Muslim," which implies one who has surrendered towards the

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