Tuesday, October 8, 2019

PR Assignment 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

PR Assignment 2 - Essay Example Most of the employees are familiar with the people working in public relation department therefore it becomes quite easier for them to communicate their grievances (Dennis). 2. Fernando Figueredo, head of multicultural practice for Porter Novelli, suggests that there are some unique characteristics shared by three major minority groups. These groups include Hispanics, African and Asian Americans. 3. These three groups are going to control majority of the businesses of USA. Frequent immigrations to USA on part of the people belonged to these groups suggests that USA is regarded as a platform from where entrepreneurs can unleash their potential. Corporations in general while FMCG’s in particular should start to recognize these groups as a separate market segment which have different needs and wants as compared to their American counterparts. Therefore marketers should try to reach Hispanics, Africans and Asians in a culturally relevant manner. This technique will support the re-purchase behavior of consumers. There are many corporations which are trying to reach consumers in the way they want. Mc Donald and Pepsi are among such corporations. Therefore it can be concluded that diversity among consumers should be viewed as an opportunity to earn more profits rather than considering it a threat (Dennis). 4. The use of social networking websites is growing at an exponential rate. The workplace is also not safe from use of social networking websites. Therefore employers have to take steps so that employees can concentrate on the work. I believe that employers are right if the are blocking the social networking websites during office hours. Employee is expected to give his full time and energy when he or she is on the job. 5. Employee should not consider it something negative because office timings are those timings in which he has to contribute towards the overall productivity of the organization. If I will not be allowed by my

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