Friday, October 18, 2019

Depends on the facility you'll choose Assignment

Depends on the facility you'll choose - Assignment Example autiful and greatly ornamented interior, complete with a carved white marble staircase; benches and counters of carved marble alongside bronze tellers’ windows, and hardware. Formerly the Crocker-Citizens National Bank (later absorbed by the Wells Fargo in the year 1980†²s), the building has extensively been remodeled (Hume et al., 2010).It initially housed an 11 story office tower above it and was enclosed in terra cotta. One of its very outstanding features is considered to be the rotunda entrance that is supported by granite pillars, and having coffered ceiling. The building was originally a â€Å"combination bank and an office building† it is currently considered to be one of the lavish banking interior within the city. By 1960 the building’s sandstone faà §ade was crumbling. So Milton Pflueger, redesigned the faà §ade for the upper floors. Again it was proposed that a new world headquarters tower alongside galleria further west on Post Street to be initiated, the city provided air space instead of the demolition of the upper floors of the building at 1 Montgomery (Robertson, 1879). The roof of this bank is currently a garden for the Crocker Galleria Shopping Center. There are little bats on both the interior and exterior of the window. Within the frieze are wolves, mountain lions and foxes. The animal sculptures look good but their meaning left to be interpreted by the designers. The steel frame building is architecturally clad in gray granite. Its massive pediment which is 38 feet high is held by six ionic columns. The designing and sculpturing of the building was done cities highly prolific sculptures of that time. At a particular time the front was graced using bronze doors. The doors comprised of the four panels designs that symbolized the â€Å"descriptive of the historical succession of the Californian races.† That is; Indian, Spaniard, American and the San Fransciscan. Though, today the doors have been replaced with glass. The inside of the

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