Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Dutchtown High School Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Dutchtown High School - Research Paper Example From the discussion it is clear that  Dutchtown High School is located in Geismar, which is an unincorporated area in  Ascension Parish,  Louisiana.  This town has two schools, which are often ranked among the best schools in Louisiana. These are the Dutchtown elementary or Middle School and  Dutchtown High School. The school environment is an attractive scene since the Mississippi river runs across the town.  However, the area where the school is located is vulnerable to hurricanes and the tropical systems since the area is lowly elevated, and has a close location to the coast of southeast Louisiana. The town lies 23 feet above the sea level, which is slightly lower than most areas of United States.This paper discusses that  Geismar in turn is located in Louisiana, a state found in the US, which is found in the southern region. The state of Louisiana is among the most extensive and populous states of the United States. This has contributed greatly in shaping the demogr aphics patterns of Ducthtown High School in that the school boasts of a large population of students and teachers. The average ratio of students to teacher is 25:1, which is actually a moderate ratio. The capitals of Louisiana are found in Baton Rouge whereas the largest city in that state is New Orleans. One interesting political fact is that the state of New Orleans is the only state in the US whereby the three are political subdivisions known as parishes.

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