Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Themes in Popular Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Themes in Popular Culture - Essay ExampleThe themes in Springsteens songs atomic number 18 often experienced by most batch and this perhaps is one of the reasons why his songs became popular among numerous Americans and other cultures. Springsteens ability to bring to life everyday, common circumstances is excellent so that listeners could advantageously relate to the songs as they enjoy and patronize his music. Along with Springsteen, another contemporary singer was making a name for himself, Bob Seger. The latter is not simply a contemporary of Springsteen but he similarly wrote songs with similar themes. To see the similarities on the works of the two popular culture artists, I will converse Segers Turn the Page along with the works of Springsteen.Turn the Page tells the life story of Seger in part as an artist. Just like Springsteen, he writes about every day or ordinary situations that reflect his thoughts and emotions. He wrote the aforementioned song while he was on the road, completing a whirl and it basically reflects how he felt about the trip. He starts off with a descriptive phrase On a long and lonesome highway which gives a clear picture of a deserted road. The monetary value highway, road or street are common terms Springsteen often use in his works. For instance, in his song Thunder Road, the phrases For a savior to rise from these streets, To trade in these travel on some wheels, Were riding out tonight and Thunder road all suggest a path, track or the like. Metaphorically, road is used as a symbol for a persons choices and way of life, a theme that is quite obvious in Springsteens lyrics. They suggest that in life, people are always presented with different roadstead and different roles but one cannot walk two roads at the same time. Therefore, a person has to make a choice. For Seger, the road that he has to take is condition it is east of Omaha. This does not mean that he will have

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