Monday, April 15, 2019

How war dehumanizes people Essay Example for Free

How war dehumanizes people EssayDuring the war people were deprived of their alwaysyday necessities and also their living conditions, They neer got the luxury of sleeping in big warm clean beds or even clean clothes therefore changing the way they act and the way look at things such as murder. During the war you go through and through the trenches and fields watching people die, and even killing people themselves. Everyday people would not be able to just sit there and watch someone as they slowly die. The narrator of this novel, Charles Yale Harrison was enlisted in the war. Charles explained everything that went on during is outings, some of which were pretty harsh and intense I could only imagine some of the things that he probably was not allowed saying. Charles had a few main buddies whom stuck by his side and fought with him. In this novel he tells us the things he saw some of the things he explained were pretty gory, for example he watched people as their flesh tore o ff and blood gushed everywhere.War definitely dehumanizes people for the most part. Soldiers dont have as much sympathy for the people who are dying its almost as if they really dont care but being that must be kind of incumbent for a soldier because you cant really sit there and cry over a friend who is dying while your enemies were slowly creeping up on your base. During war you do things you never thought you could ever do in your lifetime such as stabbing someone in the stomach or shooting a man in the face. I lunge forward aiming at his stomach. It is a lightning instinctive moment. The thrust jerks my body something heavy collides with the point of my weapon. Charles says. I doubt Charles would have ever been able to do this without spending months in war, with the same platoon and even watching them all slowly die.

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