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Study guide Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Study guide - Assignment Example2. Both Christians and Jewish had their own deities and worshipping manner and Romans had many gods like Neptune, Venus and other Isis. Which were of Greek and Egyptian origin. Christian community homes serve hoary people and Jewish community home give affordable shelter to old people and catacombs atomic number 18 places of worship and these places are called Home care centre and church for worship in modern times.15. lx Nova depics Gothic architecture in its craft form where stained ice on windows are precondition artistic expressions. In this architecture the window glasses of a building had stains in different colours.1.Byzantine church building in San Vitale was consecrated in 547 and is situated in Italy and has exclusive mosaic work especially the musculus quadriceps femoris around the altar. This church has great religious significance has its has connection with Jesus Christ and his apostles .It is a go example of Byzantine architectur e and Justinian i posted in the central of the mosaic chanel . It has a angular choir and apse which project from the eastern side. It was the sole major church built during the Emperor Justinian. The inner of the church had a theology of color.2. The church was destroyed in fire and was changed in exterior and interior. The duomos West Front, North Porch, and South Porch all have 3 huge doors. The stained glass of the church remained after fire but the type of window of 12th century disappeared when renovated .The interior liberation was same and the stained glass was unique to the Gothic architecture. The royal were integrated into new cathedral and was reinventing chivalric style which attracted visitors. And the jamb statues were the figures of kings and queens.3. Giotti was a completely innovative painter of Italy and has been an evolution maker in Roman art history. He was born near Florence in 13th century and was a painter and architect. He has contributed practically t o the Italian artistic world and is considered

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