Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Carbon based pollutants Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

carbon copy based pollutants - Research Paper ExampleThis paper will first focus on carbonic acid gas emissions discussing its negative impact on health. Then, the paper focusing on the governments role in reducing CO2 emissions will discuss the Caps and Trade policy of the US government and the American rising Clean Energy and Security Act.Among the various detrimental greenhouse gases, CO2 is the one that has the most virility. Although, on a molecule-for-molecule basis, methane is a more intense greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, but as it is show only in small quantities, its effect is minimal when compared to CO2. (Schobert, 2002). CO2 levels have shown an uphill path collectible to rampant industrialization that started in the 19th century. With economics deciding the fate of a country as well as of an individual, Industrialization acted as a catalyst for economics as well as environmental degradation. Humans have been modifying the environment through processes associated with industrialization...One of the most important results of these activities has been increased emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) (Berliner, 2004). The car park medical fact is humans have to exhale CO2, as high exposure of CO2 and pull in up of it in the human body will kill the person. However, CO2, emitted from the industries as well as burn based vehicles, are physically as well as mentally harming humans, other living beings and too the environment. The high exposure of CO2 will affect or injure the humans organs including nubble, lungs, etc causing many diseases like lung diseases, breathing problems, cancers and even death. The results of a study covering few heart patients from Boston showed that, carbon pollutants particularly from traffic exhausts was found to increase ST-segment depression, a condition in which at that place is a reduction in the hearts ability to conduct electricity. When levels of black carbon and particulates in the demeanor

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