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Public relations Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7250 words

Public relations - Dissertation ExampleThe field of Public Relations has been rapidly festering of late mostly because of the non-commercial and commercial organizations have started realizing the need for introducing various public relations activities. The have in minds through which the public relations message need to be conveyed has increased considerably in the recent years for instance the cables, internet and satellite are the mass Medias which are unevenly distributed and globalized at the same time. A simple definition of Public Relations shtup be Public Relations is the positive communication of a company or brands message to all(a) its target audiences is they staff, customers, the general public, the trade or government bodies. However a more significant distinction by Destiny could be- PR as tactical communication, at a superior stage within the firm, and PR as largely applied intended at attaining column inches in the technical journals or favorable remark in the fi nancial press. Public relations have been accompanying us for over thousands of years. Sematikos is the Greek term for Public Relations which mean Semantics. During 50 B.C. Julius Caesar created the first campaign memoirs named, Caesars Gallic Wars. There he revealed his military utilization strategies to persuade the Roman citizens that he was the best Monarch of the state. St. Augustine, who was a professor of public speaking in Milan during the 394 A.D., used to deliver the usual acclamation to the ruler and was the closest person to a minister for the imperial court. Thus, it can be said that St. Augustine was the first to be charged with public relations function. Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet named The Crisis In 1776 that convinced the Washington Army to settee and start fighting at a time when there will be a number of people prepared to move towards arid expanse so that they could flee from the cold and the adversity of a winter operation. He was known as a master of polit ical communication whose works could soft influence the actions and thoughts of the mass. Lincolns secretary of state, William Seward, gained a large number of audiences of America, during the year 1861, through his considerate way of speaking by the efficient usage of the press. He verbalise, I speak to the newspapers they have a large audience and can repeat a thousand times what I want to impress on the public. In the year 1963, John Marston held a perception of PR which is still considered as true in todays context, which says, a brotherhood of some 100,000 whose communal bond is its profession and whose common woe is that no two of them can ever quite agree on what that profession is Public Relations has been delineate in different ways by a variety of scholars and practitioners in which the term management has been used largely. The definition of Public Relations as stated by Grunig and Hunt says management of communication between an organization and its publics Ledingham and Bruning described PR specifically as relationship management while the argument by Cutlip states that PR is the management function that establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the public on whom its success and failure depends According to Kitchen and Papasolomou, several scholar states that PR

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