Monday, June 17, 2019

2 pages single spaced. Question is too long write in here Essay

2 pages single spaced. Question is too long write in here - Essay ExampleBarnum was a business man at heart and he wanted to find a way to do portrayions instead of working in the stagnant position of a grocery store. He was tired of dead end jobs and wanted something more substantial (p. 3). The people in the United States were already used to seeing exhibits and these exhibits were part of issue culture. Barnum average saw an opportunity and he went with it.Everyone loves a good story and this is one of the reasons why Barnum was so successful. As an example, the Joice Heth exhibit was a very old woman that Barnum built a story around. He gave the public an understanding of this exhibit before he actually showed it and people became so curious about the exhibit that they had to go and see it. He took over the exhibit from some other people who were selling it Barnum saw this as his opportunity and looked for ways to market her. Capitalizing on the fact that she was 161 years ol d and a slave of George Washington, (p. 6) Barnum was able to create a mystery around her and make people want to see her. Barnum was too smart because he changed Heths story for each of the towns he visited. He elaborated the story where necessary and he seemed to be able to read the crowd. This may pay off meant that he did research ahead of time on the area (maybe through newspapers) and then went into the town and gave the presentation. Although newspapers criticized him, he kept going.As an example of his genius, when he schedule the Heth exhibit, it was at a time when Manhattan, and particularly Broadway was going through a massive expansion of commercial entertainment (p. 3). This allowed Barnum to easily fall into American pop culture and find a place that would last him for many years. People were already used to seeing artful deceptions and Barnum just created more of them.Besides his exhibits, Barnum certain a pseudonym to write -- Barnaby Diddleum

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