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Reflex Systems Essay - 1208 Words

Reflex Systems: Critical Analysis of Human Behavior Under Stress Introduction The purpose of this paper is to analyze the stress factors of organizational pressure and to determine what skills can be used by leaders to diffuse the stress and to get team members to align to a common goal. Engaging a team and making the team members believe that he or she is valued is a skill that leaders should adapt to reduce stress in an organizational setup (Spiers, 2012). Individuals in a team should feel as though his or her contribution to the tasks is an important one. When members of a team feel unappreciated, the goal is subject to setbacks and sometimes failure. Analysis Reflex systems have decided to implement customer relationship†¦show more content†¦This could be the very reason he ignored the signs of a distressed team. Recommendations As leaders, Rankins should own the culture created in the work environment of his team (Spiers, 2012). As counsel to Rankins, there are many factors that contributed to the current dismantling of his team. The first factor is communication. Sally Phillips expressed to Rankins that she was approached by a competitor. Phillips is willing to take a decrease in pay in exchange for quality of life. Although Rankins rebutted her dismissal from the team, Rankins did not offer concern or resolution for his rebuttal. Phillips was in search of empathy from Rankins. Phillips clearly lacked job satisfaction. An easy fix to this situation simply would be to offer a rotation in weekend and nights to allow team members to refresh one’s commitment to the project. The second issue is team members avoiding each other when they should be working together to complete the tasks. This separation and lack of communication halts the process of meeting the goal. When the team members asked how much l onger the project would take, a simple response of â€Å"one more month† was given. The team members have not seen any motivation tactics from their leader. Motivation can attribute to leveling stress within the workplace. Through observation, leaders should be able to determine when his or her team is overwhelmed. As stated earlier, stress is inevitable. Stress can beShow MoreRelatedReflex Systems Case Essay642 Words   |  3 PagesReflex System sold exercise equipment to high school and colleges and to smaller- and medium-size businesses for recreation centers. It has 310 salespeople and its low prices won a lot of sales, but follow-up service was uneven. The new customer relationship management software (CRM) system promised to resolve those problems and the CEO ordered the installation of the system immediately. Henry Rankin was responsible for the technical implementation of the system for the western and eastern salesRead MoreReflex and Pic Essay1480 Words   |  6 PagesTendon Reflexes PURPOSE: To identify exaggerated reflexes (hyperreflexia) or diminished reflexes (hyporeflexia) You will need a reflex hammer to best assess both the brachial and the patellar reflexes. Support the womans arm and instruct her to let it go limp while it is being held so that the arm is totally relaxed and slightly flexed as you assess the brachial reflex. If you have difficulty identifying the correct tendon to tap, have the woman flex and extend her arm until you can feel it movingRead MoreA Case of Cerebrovascular Accident Essay805 Words   |  4 Pagesby the emergency room physician, Samuel is found to have right hemiparesis and diminished pinprick and two-point discrimination on the right side of his head and arm. His deep tendon reflexes are brisk on the right and there is a positive Babinski reflex on the right. He has difficulty articulating answers to the questions he is asked, speaking only a few words and frequently responding with just a verb or a noun. His ability to respond to complicated verbal commands, whether spoken or written, isRead MoreNeonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale ( Nbas )1247 Words   |  5 Pagescircumference, and length. During the ph ysical exam of the newborn each body system is carefully examined for signs of health and normal function. Each of these exams are important ways to learn about an infant s well-being at birth. Infants are born with a number if reflexes that help them to adjust outside of the womb and serve as the foundation for future behavior. Reflexes are an indication of whether or not an infant s nervous system is functional. Some of these reflexes last for a few weeks whileRead MoreAdhd Research Paper837 Words   |  4 Pageswhich specific primitive reflex failed to integrate with the rest of the central nervous system. Here is a list of some examples of various retained primal reflexes that has been shared by Dr. Yannick Pauli: â€Å" †¢ A retained Moro reflex results in the inability to control emotions. The child might be aggressive, insensitive, but also loving and compassionate. This may also cause a hypersensitivity to touch, light, and textures. †¢ A retained Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex can lead to inattention,Read MoreLaw Enforcement Research Paper1191 Words   |  5 PagesATN Smart HD Scope or with any traditional rifle scope as a standalone ballistic calculator. Other new sights include; LRTSI, SMRS, DMR II-I models, STS2 a handgun optic, RTS2, LTO Tracker thermal viewer, MAR 107 1-4.5x24mm scope, RDS Pro MIL-SPEC reflex sight, Vulkan 3 thermal binocular, MIL SPEC, clip-on night vision sight, NEW TECHNOLOGY 4 trail thermal imaging rifle scope, P4XI 1-4x24mm rifle scope, and the MRO a miniature Rifle Optic with red dot sight. (Melanie Basich 2017) AnotherRead MorePatellar Lab Report Essay1793 Words   |  8 Pageseither be inborn and connected through the nervous system, or they can be learned through practice. Another way to explain a reflexive category would be autonomic reflexes or somatic reflexes. Autonomic reflexes are those which are unaware to us and act on visceral organs of the body, whereas somatic reflexes involve skeletal muscle stimulation. Both types of reflexes are put into effect via the nervous system. (1) The Patellar reflex, or Knee-Jerk reflex, is used to test the nervous tissue in the spinalRead MoreObservation of Myotactic and Vestibulo-Ocular Reflexes1501 Words   |  6 Pagesto compare monosynaptic reflexes to polysynaptic reflexes. The monosynaptic reflex in this experiment is the myotactic, or Hoffman, reflex that will be seen by simulating the tibial nerve and the polysynaptic reflex is the vestibulo-ocular reflex that will be seen by spinning the subject in a spin chair. A reflex is defined as an involuntary and stereotyped response to a fixed stimulus (Sherwood, 2007, p. 177). A reflex allows quick responses to things such as pain or other stimulation. In non-classicalRead MoreThe Visual And Vestibular System1571 Words   |  7 PagesIn order to maintain gaze, the visual and vestibular system interact to bring clarity to objects and maintain fixation when the head is moving. This reflex is called the vestibulocular reflex (VOR), and it is continually sending afferent neural signals to the cortex as the head changes position. When the head moves, the cortex sends signals to the ocular muscles to stabilize the eyes to ensure the best vision; the eyes move in the opposite direction of the head movement. When the head moves and theRead MoreHuman Electrophysiology : The Hoffman ( H ) Reflex1785 Words   |  8 PagesHuman Electrophysiology: The Hoffman (H) Reflex 18/09/15 Aimee Redman – 8771811 Group: David Thomas, Sophie Wheldale and Aimee Redman Abstract The Hoffman reflex is a non-invasive means of studying sensorimotor integration in humans. We investigated the physiological basis of the Hoffman reflex in the tibial nerve with regards to the amplitude and latencies of the H and M waves. Introduction The peripheral nervous system is composed of two main fibre types; afferent (sensory) nerve fibres and

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