Monday, February 24, 2020

Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 213

Assignment Example The public health nurses role in delivering these interventions is to participate in the care-giving work when the patients affected by the disease seek medical assistance. The other role is to participate in the public awareness campaigns and demonstrate to people on how to live a healthy lifestyle. The regulatory guideline is to implement improved and enhanced heart disease prevention efforts. The actual ethical implication is to improve the health of all people through equity, in their all life stages (People & US Department of Health and Human Services, 2011).The American Heart association through federal funding is actual funder of these interventions while the U.S ministry of Health and Human Services acts as a potential funder of the interventions. As mentioned above, the primary intervention is to prevent and treat heart disease to prevent the deaths it causes among the U.S population. The secondary intervention is to hold public prevention campaigns to create awareness to people about the disease. The tertiary intervention is to engage other sectors to help to fight the disease. The basic elements of community health nursing practice include prevention and treatment of health problems. This relates well with the primary intervention which is to prevent and treat heart diseases. The other element is to promote healthful living. This can be achieved by empowering people through public health campaigns which relates with the secondary intervention. Rehabilitation and research is another element of community health nursing practice (Maurer & Smith, 2012). This relates with the tertiary intervention as other sectors can join to rehabilitate and conduct research of the disease. Florence Nightingale’s theory of nursing can b e used as a framework for community health nursing practice. This theory is a patient-care theory. It focuses on patient’s care rather than the nursing process (Selanders, 1993).  This is

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