Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Social justice for African American women Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Social justice for African American women - Essay Example ing the black women criminals,appears far easier than creating a health care system that ensures healthy babies for all citizens†. She argued that, there are two main ‘ingredients that powerful white men have poured into establishing social order.The first pertains to â€Å"the dehumanization of Africans on the basis of race,†and â€Å"the control of women’s sexuality and reproduction† (Rhapsodyinbooks, 2008). Before the feminist movement, according to Roberts the black African women had no rights; they were just slaves to the masters. In fact, the worse was they did not own their body--denied of the right to self-preservation. They were so unfortunate that they just like a chattel--a thing that could be sold. In addition, masters (the white men) would pay $400 and get a young female.The poor black woman would be forced to procreate for the masters.After she was used,the master would then sell her and her three kids for an amount of $4000. Roberts add ed that, â€Å"for slave women procreation had a little to do with liberty†... That was the scenario before, but it seems like the ban of importation of slaves during 1808 did not reach its power and influence in today’s time--United States government enslaves, criminalizes and dehumanizes those who do not compliment to the white men and women. 1.3 Injustice and Inequality Social problems in America still haunt the soul of Black women. Dawson (n.d.) stressed that white women were always praised and often tagged with kind words like industrious, intelligent, and responsible. On the contrary, Black women were dubbed as lazy, ignorant, and shiftless. Despite the provisions enclosed in 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunities Reconciliation Act (PRWORA), black women were still treated the way they were before. In addition, this act discriminates the poor black women--it limits their time on aid to a lifetime maximum of five years. Further, it strictly requires single mothers to marry. Those who lived far beyond in their segregated homes would suff er to travel miles of distance just to find livelihood for their children (Rhapsodyinbooks, 2008). 1.4 Assessment Justice requires equality and just treatment--no discrimination and violation of rights. Roberts, in her exemplary work detailed the points how black women were treated as if they were not human and did not exist. She argued that the concept of â€Å"liberty† was just about and for the interest and welfare of the whites only; for those who belong to middle class--that â€Å"liberty† is just concerned on the concept of â€Å"abortion.† Towards the end, she also reiterated that many policy proposals were detrimental to the Americans specially the ‘underestimated’ black women. Her argument

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